Attender webinar 3. November

See how your school can mark attendance fast and lower student dropout with gamification. Join our free webinar.

App, Gamification and Statistics - Attender 1.4

The biggest update of Attender since we launched. Now with iOS & Android app. Gamification with Coins, Badges and Streaks. And updated statistics and dashboards.

TechBBQ with Attender

Meet Attender at TechBBQ and see how you can become part of the journey.

Make your timetable in Outlook

See how smaller schools can use Outlook for timetable data to Attender.

ISTE 2022 New Orleans 26.-29. June

See Attender on Microsoft stand at ISTE 2022 in New Orleans. Microsoft has chosen Attender to be presented on their big stand at ISTE.

Attender 1.2 & Microsoft Teams App

We are really happy to have released Attender for Microsoft Teams! Now teachers no longer have to switch between systems when marking attendance. Everything can be done in Teams. Students...