Gamification motivates students

Gamification Works in Motivating Students to Attend Class

In the realm of education, the concept of gamification has been gaining traction as a powerful tool to enhance student motivation and engagement. This blog post will delve into some studies and examples that demonstrate the effectiveness of gamification in motivating students to attend class.

The Science Behind Gamification

A study conducted at the Pentecost University in Ghana explored the role of gamification in motivating students to learn. The study utilized an integration of the Attention, Relevance, Confidence, and Satisfaction (ARCS) model and the Self-Determination Theory (SDT). It was revealed that the satisfaction attribute of motivation influences students’ engagement in learning.

Another research conducted by Iván Miguel García-López and his team at the Instituto Politécnico Nacional in Mexico City investigated the impact of gamification on student motivation, engagement, and performance. The study found that when students used a gamified platform, motivation influenced behavioral dissatisfaction, which in turn influenced academic performance.

The use of gamification in education has proven to be a successful strategy in motivating students to attend class. By incorporating game elements into the learning process, educators can create an engaging and interactive environment that encourages students to participate actively in their education. As more research is conducted and more success stories emerge, the potential for gamification to transform the educational landscape becomes increasingly apparent.

Why Gamification in Attender Works

The gamification aspect of Attender is designed to motivate students to attend class by making the process engaging and rewarding. Here’s how it works:

Attender Badges

Students can earn up to 8 different Attender badges for showing up to class. Each badge represents a different achievement, adding an element of challenge and accomplishment to class attendance. One such badge is the “Perfect Week” badge, awarded to students who attend every class in a week. Some badges can also be leveled up. This encourages consistency and regularity in attendance.

Attender Streaks

In addition to badges, students can also earn Attender Streaks. A streak is earned for each consecutive day a student attends class. This feature taps into the psychological concept of ‘streaks’ which motivates individuals to maintain their progress. The longer the streak, the more motivated students are to keep it going.

Attender Coins

For every minute a student attends class, they earn Attender Coins. This direct correlation between time spent in class and rewards earned provides a tangible incentive for students to maximize their class attendance.

Attender Rewards

The Attender Coins earned by students can be redeemed for Attender Rewards. These rewards are set up by the school, allowing for customization based on what motivates their particular student body. This could range from small privileges to larger prizes, providing a wide range of incentives for students to attend class.

In conclusion, the gamification features of Attender – badges, streaks, coins, and rewards – work together to create a system that not only motivates students to attend class but also makes the process fun and engaging. By tapping into the natural human love for games and rewards, Attender successfully encourages class attendance, enhancing the overall learning experience.


Empirical Evidence Supporting Attender’s Gamification Approach

The gamification elements used by Attender are not just innovative, but they are also backed by empirical research. Here’s how:

The Power of Badges and Leaderboards

The research conducted at the Pentecost University in Ghana and the Instituto Politécnico Nacional in Mexico City found that gamification tools like badges and leaderboards were viewed positively by most students. These tools were seen as motivational, with students expressing a desire to see them in future online classes. This aligns perfectly with Attender’s approach of using badges to motivate students.

The Art of Rewarding

A study published in SpringerLink highlighted the importance of understanding the optimum rewarding strategies. It emphasized the need for determining how often and when rewards should be provided in gamification applications. Attender’s system of awarding coins for every minute a student attends class is a perfect example of an effective rewarding strategy.

The Value of Intangible Rewards

An article in the British Journal of Educational Technology discussed the use of intangible rewards, such as virtual points and badges. While not all learners value such intangible rewards, some expressed their desire to redeem these rewards for utilitarian resources or benefits. This is exactly what Attender offers with its system of Attender Coins and Rewards.


In conclusion, Attender’s gamification approach is not just engaging and fun, but it’s also grounded in research. By incorporating elements like badges, streaks, and coins, Attender is effectively motivating students to attend class, thereby enhancing their overall learning experience.


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