Attender 1.2 & Microsoft Teams App

We are really happy to have released Attender for Microsoft Teams!

Attender Teams

Now teachers no longer have to switch between systems when marking attendance. Everything can be done in Teams.

Students and guidence counselors/admins also have access to Attender in Teams.

Here are some of the great new features:

  • All day view enables to mark attendance for at whole day at a time
  • Detailed view makes is very fast to mark attendance by swiping left, right or up
  • There is a built in tutorial when starting Attender for the first time
  • Accessibility features for people with visual disabilities
  • Easier to change language
  • Export to Excel
  • Built in demo function
  • And much much more

Attender for Teams is not only for desktop but works great on mobile as well. So if you are in the middle of a sports field then you can still easily mark attendance.

Want to try it and see how easy it is? Reach out to us and you can get access to our free and easy to use demo version.

To find it in Teams app store, just search for Attender.

But we are not done yet. Look out for our next version of Attender for Teams. Amazing new features are coming soon.