Anything not working?

And do you need support?


We would be glad to help if something is not right.


Attender support is open during the following hours on normal working days:


Monday: 08.30 – 16.00
Tuesday: 08.30 – 16.00
Wednesday:  08.30 – 16.00
Thursday:  08.30 – 16.00
Friday:   08.30 – 15.00
All times are CET/GMT+1


We recommend you send a support email to our helpdesk system at

Alternativly you can call: +45 2080 9995

If you need support outside normail working hours, you can contact:
+45 2080 9995


Please note that support calls can incure an invoice if you do not have a support agreement. You can always see our changelog for latest updates.

Be aware that support agreements normally do not include end user support. So please contact your local it department for support if you are an end user.