Attender Changelog

Latest updates Attender.

Here is our changelog with the latest changes to Attender. Please note that the list is not complete. The list is only available in English.


1.5.6- May 2024

Feature: Wonde Integration
Update: Redesign of notes function – April 2024

Update: New streaks & Attender Coins design
Update: Improve responsiveness in search box
Bugfixes: Minor design & bugfixes
Bugfixes: New iOS version with graphics bugs fix

1.5.5 – March 2024

Feature: Pause/Break
Feature: Leave (add-on)
Feature: Merit (add-on)
Feature: Attender Biz which is Attender for business use
Update: Animation added for confirming last registration of the day
Update: Animation added for confirming last registration of the week (Friday)
Update: Animation added for search and page not found
Update: New Attender Streaks with levels and cooler animations and graphics
Update: New Attender Coins with cooler coin animations and graphics
Update: Small (i) info icons added to gamification boxes with explanation
Update: Registration animations can be removed with a click
Update: No longer able to select text on the screen to make the interface easier to use
Update: Translation update
Update: Better text all around

Bugfix: Date range fixed for the statistics graph when viewing a course
Bugfix: Note icon now appears right away when a teacher makes a note on a student
Bugfix: Gamification start date bug fixed
Bugfix: No longer able to select other students notes when searching one student

1.5.2 – January 2024

Feature: Caseworker: Export student absence to PDF/Excel
Feature: Caseworker:: Automatic monthly mails with a pdf
Feature: Skolon integration added
Feature: Written Absence with Microsoft Teams

Bugfix: Firefox not showing Coins in Rewards section correctly
Bugfix: Error when searching a student then going to “My Courses” and then back to registration.
Bugfix: Various translation errors

1.5.1 – November 2023

Feature: Caseworker/External access to statistics
Update: More Marvin graphics and animations added
Update: Cool new QR Code self registration screen
Update: Marvin graphics on error pages
Update: Speed improvement when getting many request at the same time
Bugfix: Search bug fixed
Bugfix: Improved many error messages

1.5 – September 2023

Feature: Redeem Attender Coins prizes with QR Codes
Feature: New interface to setup Attender Coins prizes
Feature: Heatmap statistics
Feature: Future absence statistics
Feature: Added special statistics page for external caseworkers
Feature: Two way integration with LUDUS SIS
Update: Teams App now starts in Attender and not my chat
Update: Web, Teams, iOS, Android all synced to version 1.5
Update: New design for QR Scan check-in screen
Update: New note and report sick tags
Update: Attender API upgrade to version 1.1
Update: More robust services
Update: Speed improvements
Update: Excel export updated
Update: Management interface now supports different types of gamification for different departments
Update: Delete notes and sick reports
Update: Translations updated

Bugfixes: Timezone bug fixed

Minor bug fixes
Minor UI changes

1.4.5 – January 2023

Feature: QR Scan or number selfregistration for students
Feature: Students will be marked with a red, yellow or green circle if they have selfregistrered or or reported sick
Feature: Student can report sick with tags
Feature: Attender Coins basic redeem function
Feature: Management interface with many settings for Admins
Feature: You can change minutes late in management interface
Feature: All new released features in Attender are by default turned off
Feature: Students can now be called students, pupils, participants or employees
Feature: When marking a student late for a class, you can now select how many minutes late
Update: Attender mascot is now named Marvin!!
Update: Added cool new Marvin animations for Attender Badges
Update: Confirm registration now works with all day view
Update: Notes has recieved a huge update. You can now use tags and mark notes as sensitive information
Update: You can now see how many unread notes there are on a student
Update: Date separator in notes added
Update: Added 20 motivational messages to Attender Streaks
Update: Confirm registration function has been improved
Update: Added 10 motivational messages to selfregistration
Update: Added “warning” reminder when selecting date filter
Update: Improved UI when pinning a student in statistics and my courses
Bugfix: Added text when reporting sick and there was no timetable
Bugfix: When changing selected classes in registration fast, Attender could load the wrong data
Bugfix: Badges was shown wrong on some very old iOS devices (iphone 6s and older)
Bugfix: White screen on some iOS devices
Bugfix: Alphabetic sort order in statistics fixed
Bugfix: When searching a user in the registration interface, it could show the wrong user type
Known Issue: Some new features are only translated to danish and english. New features with be shown in english untill translated to other languages

1.4 – September 2022

Attender launched for iOS & Android
Built in demo function for app & web
Gamification added with Attender Coins, Attender Streaks & Attender Badges
New dashboard with improved statistics for students, teachers and guidance counselours
Select students/courses for observation list
Create or import timetable directly from Outlook
Added Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish and French (German & Dutch to follow soon)
Animations added
Attender mascot added
New detailed/swipe view that is now faster and better
Improved Attender tutorial
Management interface
Minor UI/UX tweaks
Minor bugfixes

1.3 – May 2022
Big Microsoft Teams App update
Automatic registration when doing online classes in Teams
Bot notications for Teams
Attender now available for purchase in Microsoft Teams App store
Added license management tool
Many minor bug fixes and UI tweaks

1.2.5 – April 2022
Export attendance data to Excel added
Select date range for attendance statistics
Write notes on students added
Minor bug fixes

1.2 – March 2022
Teams App published
New updated UI
Language selector in burger menu
Detailed/swipe view to mark attendance
Access to demo license if user has no licence
Built in tutorial on start up
Skinable UI for future alternative platforms/whitelabel
Optimized for mobile
Minor bug fixes

1.1 – January 2022
All day view to mark attendance
Student homepage
Alert to Attender if any services stop running
Available in Microsoft App Source
Minor bug fixes

1.0 – November 2021
Web version released for desktop and mobile
Gridview to mark attendance
Listview to mark attendance
Support for english and danish
Live statistics when marking attendance
Basic statistics page