Attender webinar 8. November

Save time and reduce student dropout with Attender

Webinar Wednesday. 8th November from 14:00-14:45

We invite you to an exciting webinar on how Attender can help you reduce absenteeism at your educational institution. Attender is built to pay for itself many times over.

At the webinar, we will present the main advantages of using Attender:

– Time saving for teachers:

Attender makes absence registration quick and easy. And there is the possibility of self-registration with QR codes.

– Reduced student absenteeism and dropout:
 We use gamification to motivate students to show up and reward their attendance with our Attender Coins, Attender Badges, Attender Streaks and Attender Rewards.

– Visibility in absence statistics:

With Attender, teachers, student counsellors and managers get an easy and clear overview of student absence, which makes it possible to identify and take care of students who are at risk.

– Online teaching:

When using Attender, students’ participation in online teaching is automatically registered, so the teacher always has control over who is present.

– And a lot more..

At the webinar, you will also hear a customer reference who will talk about their use of Attender and the benefits they have experienced by implementing Attender at their educational institution.

Sign up for our webinar and gain an understanding of how Attender can help you make your absence registration easier and more motivating at your educational institution.

Date: Wednesday 8th November 2023

Location: Online – Teams
Time: 14.00 to 14:45 (CET – GMT+2)

The webinar will be in english.

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Look forward to seeing you online.

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